First week

What I’m most impressed by having survived a week through keto is the number of creative dishes I’ve cooked.  Eric does most of the cooking for us but I’ve been on spring break the past week and a half and have been exploring recipes with low carb counts.  So far, I’ve made the dish below, consisting of cauliflower rice, bacon wrapped asparagus, and smoked duck.  Most of the time after cooking a meal, I hardly want to eat it.  Something about preparing it somehow makes me lose my appetite for the dish.  You’re probably thinking I’m such a bad cook that I hardly want to eat my own food!  Yes, I’ve made some not so yummy things in the past, but most dishes Eric compliments me on and actually eats.  He is not one to lie about food.  But the dish below that I cooked myself was actually something I enjoyed!


I’ve also made a number of snacks that I plan to replicate even after we’re done with this keto trial.  Some yummy things have been these blackberry cheesecake bites, almond thins, and brownies.

This has been harder to get through than I thought.  Counting the carb content and keeping track of how much I eat daily is something I’ve never really disciplined myself to do.  I’ve been keeping a rough count so I think I’ve been varying daily between 25 to 35 grams of carbs, perhaps some days nearing 50 grams.  I’ve previously committed to doing this for two months, but realistically speaking, I think I can do this maybe for another 3 weeks.  We shall see.