Welcome to my paleo trial!

The first time I heard of the paleo diet I was incredulous that people could deny themselves the very thing which I love – bread.  How else can one sustain oneself?  I relied on this food so much to keep me full, satisfied.  And it is everywhere!  Waffles, pancakes, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, etc.  Never mind denying yourself something you love, what else is there possibly to feast on?

But this first 3-week trial would prove how dependent I’d become on bread for my diet.  And as I was forced to look for other options, I realized that indeed one can rely on other things, better things, more nutrient and vitamin-rich foods.  I started substituting baked sweet potato for my bread in the morning, eating steamed cabbage as substitutes for wraps, and snacking on almonds and cashews.

We relaxed our diet after a successful 3 weeks and everything went off kilter after that.  This blog is my attempt to find a way to keep myself accountable – to really give this paleo a long-term try, and document its benefits on my way.  And maybe perhaps inspire some of you to try this, too.

I will begin this diet officially after my return from Montreal, Canada.  Oh, the sacrifices to be made… but hopefully even more to gain!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my paleo trial!

  1. Hello, your husband knows my wife (Ruth) from a church in Chicago, from years ago. We all met a couple of years ago and went out for Chinese (I think). Anyway, she saw on facebook that you started this blog.
    In January of this year I cut out most carbs from my diet. All breads, most fruits. I eat vegetables, natural fats, meat. I started just to see what would happen. I’ve lost 30 pounds so far and gained some muscle. I walk and do some strength training. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. Some free weights, but not much.
    Good luck with your experiment. I don’t really miss bread or sweets all that much. The smaller waistline is worth it.

    • Hi David, good to hear from you and that paleo has done awesome things for you! I wonder how you are able to resist Ruth’s baking – or has she stopped baking to accommodate your new diet? I look forward to seeing results for us, too.

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