Keto flu

This absolutely sucks.  My appetite is gone and my energy level is really low.  I’d been warned to stay away from strenuous physical activity, but I attended three dance classes this morning.  I could hardly keep up by my third class.  By 3 p.m., I had a hard time keeping my eyes open and my son Sebastian kept pulling my arms up to get up and play with him.

Eric and I started the keto diet on Tuesday evening upon our return from Montreal.  It’s been three full days and we’re almost halfway through a full week.  Supposedly, the first week is the hardest as your body adjusts from using energy from sugar to burning fat for energy.

We are now experiencing what I think is the keto flu, but apparently there are ways to cope with it as your body adjusts to not depending on a high carb diet.  Here are some suggestions.

Did you know you can eat this and this while on this diet?  My next mission: to find some yummy recipes and hope to charge through our committed two months!


Paleo vs. Keto

I always intended to do a modified version of the paleo diet.  I’ve found it too restrictive and impractical.  To eat as humans ate in the Paleolithic era is quite a feat I don’t care to achieve.  I’ve always been aware of the correlation of consuming carbs and my tummy bulge.  If my jeans would start feeling too snug, I would know immediately to cut down on my bread consumption.  Simply doing that was a sure fire way to feel lean again.  Eric then introduced me to the keto diet, which shares similar principles with paleo but is far less restrictive and allows you more freedom in choice of food.  I’ve found very helpful resources in learning about these two diets in the sub reddit community. Watching this you tube video also helped in understanding the keto diet.  There is a science to what I’ve been doing throughout my life all along!  I’m learning this as I go and I’m really looking forward to being in a state of ketosis, as weird as that sounds.  Eric and I have spent the past few days in Montreal enjoying great food and great lodging at our B&B, but we are ready to start once we set foot in NYC.

The last meal that Eric wants to eat before starting this?  None other than Chick-fil-A.

Welcome to my paleo trial!

The first time I heard of the paleo diet I was incredulous that people could deny themselves the very thing which I love – bread.  How else can one sustain oneself?  I relied on this food so much to keep me full, satisfied.  And it is everywhere!  Waffles, pancakes, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, etc.  Never mind denying yourself something you love, what else is there possibly to feast on?

But this first 3-week trial would prove how dependent I’d become on bread for my diet.  And as I was forced to look for other options, I realized that indeed one can rely on other things, better things, more nutrient and vitamin-rich foods.  I started substituting baked sweet potato for my bread in the morning, eating steamed cabbage as substitutes for wraps, and snacking on almonds and cashews.

We relaxed our diet after a successful 3 weeks and everything went off kilter after that.  This blog is my attempt to find a way to keep myself accountable – to really give this paleo a long-term try, and document its benefits on my way.  And maybe perhaps inspire some of you to try this, too.

I will begin this diet officially after my return from Montreal, Canada.  Oh, the sacrifices to be made… but hopefully even more to gain!